The Final Flight

The Flying Dress Cartagena stands for more than a fashion statement. It enables us to seize the beauty of the moment and live it to the fullest.

The Final Flight

With Bella Christina's Flying Dresses, get ready to live beautifully, vibrantly!
So, should you settle for the mundane when Bella Christina's Flying Dress Cartagena allows you to flirt with the extraordinary?
Whether it’s a pre-wedding shoot, a birthday bash, a graduation celebration, or even a whimsical day when you just want to play dress-up – Bella Christina's is the place to be.
At $199.00, you don’t just get a dress, but a remarkable experience that you'll recall and cherish in the years to come. Experience Bella Christina's Magic with the Flying Dress Cartagena, where fashion takes flight, and fantasy becomes reality!
We only regret the chances we didn’t take, the love we received but didn’t reciprocate, and the fashion trends we weren’t bold enough to try!
So, go ahead and be a part of this revolution!
Because at Bella Christina's – your dreams get wings, and fashion flies. Experience it to believe it!


Our Woman, Man and Kids collections reflect, by paying attention to fabrics and details, the essence of Mediterranean style with a contemporary twist.

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