Fly High with the Enthralling Grandeur of Cartagena

Bella Christina is not just a dress rental boutique but a craftswoman of dreams, the alma mater of The Flying Dress Cartagena.

Heart of Colombia

In the bustling city of Cartagena, Bella Christina has created a serene sanctuary, the first-ever standalone Flying Dress boutique. The designs are handpicked to proffer a diverse range ensuring there’s something incredibly attractive for everyone. Each dress radiates exquisiteness and elegance, making it a perfect choice for a memorable photo shoot. The instant you slide into the sumptuous fabric of a Flying Dress, you are transported to a magical realm, where the dress's limitless folds form a surreal panorama against the breathtaking backdrop of Cartagena's landscape. The garment takes flight into the sky like a lovely bird as the strong wind gives it life, creating an unforgettable sight. Every turn, every breath of wind that lifts the enchanted fabric, transforms the picturesque sceneries of Cartagena into a work of beauty. Not only do you get to see the breathtaking sights of Cartagena, but you also get to make some unforgettable moments with Bella Christina's Flying Dress. Can you imagine the jaw-dropping pictures and videos you could make? Furthermore, if you are worried about safety or cost, know that we place a premium on your comfort and promise you a memorable experience.


Adorn the Affordable Elegance

At a highly competitive price point of just USD 199.00, Bella Christina's Flying Dresses bring affordability without compromising on quality; this is what sets them apart from others.

Every dress is meticulously tailored to ensure a perfect fit. Fabrics are selected with great care to provide comfort while also being able to create the 'flying' effect. Each stitch, each fold, and each detail is crafted with a unique touch of craftsmanship and artistry, ensuring the dresses are worth every penny spent. Renting a chic gown is a great choice for individuals doing it solo because it just costs $60. Alternatively, guests are welcome to bring their own photographers to capture the event in their unique way. The one-person package costs just $199 and features a dress, a professional photographer, and a Champagne and fruit brunch. A private assistant is on hand to deliver the highest level of individualized service. The package also includes a fashion consultation to assist customers decide between the three luxurious locations of Manzilla Beach, Getsemani, and Old City. A unique $250.00 couple's option is available for those who would like to experience this together. An experienced photographer, a bottle of sparkling wine, a fruit buffet, and the assistance of a personal shopper all come together in an all-inclusive package. To make sure both people in the shot look their best, the crew also offers a comprehensive style consultation. All of these unbelievable deals are still just $199.00, wherever you want to stay.

Adorn the Affordable Elegance

What is better than buying a dress? Renting it! Bella Christina values the uniqueness of each person and occasion, and so, they have chosen to rent their dresses. This way, every time you need a dress, you can enjoy the thrill of trying a new one instead of repeating what you already own. With Bella Christina's Flying Dresses, it's not just about looking good in a piece of clothing; it's an entire experience designed to make you feel magical. The expert stylists at the store help you pick out the perfect dress that suits your style and personality. Next, top-notch photographers capture you in a magnificent dress against the stunning scenery of Cartagena. Imagine the dress transcending into a shooting star, and it's captured in the frame creating a magical ambiance. So, you get to create countless memories with countless dresses, and to Bella Christina, there’s no greater joy than being a part of your special moments.

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